What You Don’t Know

Have you ever seen arguments between two people where both are convinced they are right?

I have! I haven’t just seen them either, I’ve been in them! Many times!

I like to study and learn. I like to have a good understanding about something in which I am interested, so that I know my opinion is well grounded.

That being said, there have been many times when I will finish stating my point of view and all the facts behind it, only for the other person to mention one thing that completely alters everything I have just said!

Been there?

We can learn a lot, and work hard to apply what we know, but often the key is actually in what we DON’T know! So, perhaps it’s not what we know that is hurting us, it’s what we DON’T know!

Think about it. Of everything there is to know in this world, from the stars to our own planet, from all the animals, fish, insects and birds, right down to the depths of the human body… how much of all that information do you know?

If you were brilliant, maybe .01%? It would be much less than that, but even if it was just .01% of everything there is to know, what if the key to your way forward is in the other 99.99% that you don’t yet know?

What if your way forward – your path to overcoming is in what you don’t yet know?

Even with a lifetime of study, there is still more to learn!

I also agree with absolute truth. After what I have just said, I realise that sounds contradictory, but it’s not.

While truth is sometimes the issue, I think it is more about perspective.

Perspective is like the glasses through which we view life, the filter through which we see the world. It could also be called our worldview.

You can possess a whole lot of knowledge, but if you change the perspective of that knowledge even slightly, it can totally alter the way it is portrayed!

What we study and experience shapes our perspective, and not always in a good way.

Realise that it is just that – your perspective! Each one of us has our perspective skewed in some way. That’s ok! It’s a part of growing!

Keep an open mind! Don’t stop learning! It will increase your knowledge and broaden your perspective!

Enjoy learning, and keep looking for what you don’t know!

Bless you guys!

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