Two Vital Ingredients (Part 2)

Well last time I looked at openness, this time I want to look at hunger.

“Why hunger” you might ask? How is that different from openness?

I look at hunger like desire. It’s something that stirs you into action to achieve or receive what it is that you hunger for or desire after.

I see it as the other vital ingredient because you might be open to something, but that doesn’t mean you actually desire it! You can be open to new things, but that doesn’t mean you will automatically receive them.

Our words often reveal our openness, but our actions reveal the object of our hunger! They both should run hand in hand.

We can be hungry for the wrong things. We also build up an appetite for things, almost like a habit. Deep down, we have a need that only God can fill, but until we realise that, we try to fill that hunger with something else. 1

I could go into this further, but for now let’s just look at what a hunger for God looks like.

I think the actions differ from person to person, but they always involve a pursuit of God.

If that person can put himself/herself in a place to receive more of God, they will receive! 2

This can be personal through reading the Bible, prayer, worship and listening to or watching sermons. It can also be more corporate through church, connect groups and time with friends that grow our relationship with God.

This challenges me as well, as I’m not as hungry for God as I would like to be! I waste so much time pursuing so many other things when I should be pursuing God!

I can’t look back though. I can’t change my mistakes. I need to learn from them and move forward.

I believe that if we want to become hungry for God, or have a greater hunger for God, we need to ask God for it. God wants to encounter us more than we can possibly realise! If you have doubts, just look at what Jesus did!

With that, take advantage of the opportunities God brings to encounter Him. Keep looking for ways to learn more about who He is and what He has done!

When you apply these two principles, openness and hunger, look out for what God will do in your life, and through you to those around you!

Bless you guys!

P.S. If you are hungry to learn more, take a look below. I hope you continue to be encouraged and inspired to press through for more!

1. Lose to Gain – Billy Graham (24min)
2. Jeremiah 29:13

Article: Are You Really Hungry for God?

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