True Freedom

Freedom, it’s a word that inspires! We uphold it, and fight against anything that would appear to take it, but do we really know what it is? Do we know what we are trying to attain?

Sometimes, freedom is easy to define. We see modern day slavery or the oppression that goes on in some countries, and then on a small scale we might see bondage in controlling relationships, and we say that those people aren’t free!

I may look at the situations or forces around me and say that they control me, but I believe that true freedom is something you can have regardless what is going on around you, or what situation you find yourself in.

We tend to look at freedom on the basis of actions, I want to look at freedom from the heart.

It is very possible to look free to others, yet be bound by circumstances, relationships and addictions. It is just as possible to be in prison, yet be totally free! 1

I would like to suggest that one aspect of true freedom is being free from the opinions of other people.

I have found in my own life that although I would SAY that other people don’t control me, I can see that they unknowingly have. It is because I gave them that power.

How? In short, simply by living to gain or keep their approval!

This can be as simple as trying to create a good impression with someone you meet, or trying to prove to a parent or teacher that you are worth something and you can succeed when they said or insinuated that you would fail.

The outcome is not necessarily bad in itself, but if you didn’t care about that person’s opinion, would you have still done it?

We are designed to mould our life on the identity placed on us, because we simply don’t know enough of ourselves. Our identity is formed in us from infancy and continues to grow and develop as we grow.

We choose what we take on!

Sometimes we don’t have many good options to choose from, but even with good options, we always have negative options available!

Many times these negative opinions of us may not even be intended that way, but that is what we take on.

How then do we become free?

We need someone to believe is us, and place a good identity on us that will override the other negative messages! We need something substantial enough to hang onto, from someone able to be that dependable!

Jesus Christ is the only one capable of that!

Do you know how He feels about you? I mean REALLY know?

You may think Jesus feels a certain way about you, but does that line up with the Bible? Does it line up with what He did on the cross for you?

The more I understand who I am in Christ, the freer I become!

Think about it!

Bless you guys!

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