The Truth Will Set You Free

I think that’s an interesting statement. We all want freedom, although sometimes we don’t even know what it feels like or where it can be found.

I think in most cases we view freedom as a place that you have to get to, or something that you attain, and so we set out to achieve it!

While I do believe that often there are steps that we must take to freedom, this statement brings a different perspective to gaining freedom.

It doesn’t say that I set myself free, it says that truth does!

We then have to ask what truth is!

I want to unpack this from a couple of different angles.

Firstly, I will never find freedom from anything that is keeping me bound while I am refusing to acknowledge that I am bound.

It’s like a prisoner in chains, but when you come to him and ask him if he wants to be free from the chains, he says, “What chains? There are no chains here!”

“There are, I can see them!” You say. “You can’t even leave because of them!”

“These aren’t chains, they are rustic jewellery!” He exclaims. “And besides, I don’t want to leave here anyway!”

Maybe you can think of someone that you know who is like this about something in their life, but what if this is you? What if you are the one in chains?

No one wants to admit that they are a prisoner! To admit that is to admit defeat isn’t it? Well maybe not.

You see, until I face the truth about what is really going on in my life, and where I am really at, I can’t move forward. While I am in denial about what is really going on, it holds power over me.

My first step is to face brutal reality so I can move forward. Denying reality doesn’t change it, it just disempowers me from growing through it.

Once you acknowledge this, the battle is half won!

The second aspect comes from what Jesus said in the previous verse. The passage reads “If you continue in My word… you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” 1

Jesus also described himself as Truth, and the Holy Spirit would guide us into truth. 2

This means that as we pursue Jesus Christ and get into His Word, we will know His truth and that truth will set us free!

God will reveal to us where we are bound and in deception if we let Him.

We all have struggles, fears and failures. None of us is perfect, save Jesus Christ. Therefore it is not failure to recognise these things in our lives, the failure is to ignore them.

Bring them to Jesus, like so many others have, and see what He can do! 3

Bless you guys!

1. John 8:37-38
2. John 14:6; John 16:13
3. I Am Second – Stories of victory over struggles!

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