Overcoming Obstacles

I was talking with a co-worker the other day, as I near the end of a very long work project, about how there have been so many obstacles we have had to overcome to see it come to completion.

It has been interesting to watch different people respond in different ways to the obstacles we have faced as a team, and has revealed to me some good and bad ways I have approached them personally.

It started me thinking again how we face obstacles in every area of our lives, and yet we like to think there will be a time when they don’t exist! The only thing that we can be sure of is that we will face them! 1

The interesting thing I have observed though, is that it isn’t the size of the obstacle that determines the outcome, but a person’s attitude!

We grow through resistance. I’m not going to get physically stronger without my muscles going through some hardship. My muscles ‘face’ the hardship and grow to overcome it with more ease in the future. If I want them to grow even more, I just give them greater hardship, and they grow automatically.

Alas, many people don’t approach their obstacles the same way. They don’t want to change (for many reasons) and so the default reaction is to whine, complain or make excuses. This disempowers us from being able to grow through it. 2

On the other hand, we hear plenty of stories of people who didn’t run from the obstacle, but instead faced it and allowed it to change and grow them until they overcame it, while those who avoid facing them seem to fade into the background. 3

Note here that overcoming an obstacle doesn’t mean that it goes away, it means that it no longer holds power over you. You rise above it.

I constantly have to check my attitude, because I too would rather have an obstacle-free life. I too would rather not have to change.

I do, however, want to grow. If I am to face challenges and difficulties, I want to come out the other side having grown, changed and overcome.

For me personally, I have seen God do so much in my life, not in removing the obstacle, but rather in walking with me through it, every step of the way. As I have turned to Him, He has been a source of incredible strength and has brought greater growth in me through these things than I could have ever hoped for.

So my question for you is this…

How do you approach the obstacles in your life?

What kind of attitude do you have?

Your attitude WILL determine your outcome!

Don’t give up! You can get through this! Make the decision to stay focused, press forward and overcome!

Bless you guys!

1. John 16:33
2. Resolved by Orrin Woodward p78
3. Nick Vujicic http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/
Amy Purdy

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