I’m Not There Yet, and That’s OK!

As I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ, I am finding more stark contrasts between the way culture relates to me, and the way God relates to me.

We live in a culture that places a very high value on achievement. It equates value with competence, and rewards those that excel at what they do – those who stand out above the ‘norm’. We tend to look at those people and feel like they have arrived, and we have not.

This message, even if not communicated directly, is often insinuated through family and church life. Whether or not it is intentional, we can be left feeling like we aren’t significant enough, like we haven’t arrived. We just aren’t there yet.

Where is ‘there’?

The truth is that those we think are ‘there’ usually don’t feel that they have arrived, they are looking for their own ‘there’!

I have seen this in the lives of many others, and have been through many ‘there’ places in my life, places that I aspired to, knowing that they would give me a sense of value, significance and belonging.

In most cases I never even realised I was even ‘there’ because I was already focused on a new ‘there’! Those places don’t give us what we are looking for!

Now, on one hand I can choose to keep aiming for a new ‘there’, or maybe I justify why I have already arrived, or am in the place that I am meant to be in life!

What do I mean?

I instead argue to justify the position I am in right now and why there is nothing wrong with it, and that I don’t need to change to be where God wants me!

It is very easy to end up changing scripture and even my concept of God to suit by beliefs, rather than the other way around.

With this comes the place of not wanting to be wrong. How can I admit that I am wrong about something? That removes me from the place of arriving! I won’t be where I should be anymore!

I believe both can be true!

Just a quick side note: If you know in your heart that you are not pursuing God as you should be, then start now! Is Jesus the Lord of your life? Is He the one you are pursuing more than anything else? Are you seeking to hear what He wants to say to you, and then obeying it? 1

This is not about perfection, it is about repentance. That means when you find yourself in a place where you know something is not as God would have it in your life, change your mind about it and go in the other direction, back towards Christ! 2

So it’s very possible to be in the place God wants me to be, and still wrong!

I don’t have the right opinion on everything! There are things in my life that need to change!

I know that at the end of the day, I can’t fix myself! All I can do is respond to what the Holy Spirit is telling me. When He reveals something to me, I just respond to what He is saying by repenting – changing my mind – and going in the new direction He wants me to go.

When other people point out that I am wrong, or see the wrongs in my life, that’s ok too! I’m still growing! My value and significance is not based on my opinion, it’s based on Christ, and what He has done!

Stephen Crosby said “Too many equate confidence in their understanding of the Bible as trusting Jesus: hold to His Person tightly, your understanding, loosely.” 3

So you aren’t there yet! You haven’t arrived, and that’s OK!

Rest in who Jesus says you are, not who the culture says you are!

You are someone of value! You are significant! In Christ you belong, not based on your knowledge or performance, or on you ‘arriving’, but based on His work on the cross! 4

Bless you guys!

1. Rom 10:9; Eph 2:1-10; Matt 7:24-29
2. Heb 12:1-3
3. Stephen Crosby
4. Eph 2:1-10

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