Everything is Good for Something

_mg_0457smlI saw this sign on the side of the freeway as my wife and I were traveling in India on our way to see the Taj Mahal.

It reminded me of that fact that everything we do is good for something. Sure, not everything we do is good, but it’s all good for something!

We could say that speeding is bad, or we could say that speeding is a good way to ‘invite prosecution’.

Being friendly is good for making friends.

Being rude is also good for losing them!

Having personal devotions is a good way to grow closer to God.

Becoming better at what you do is a good way to get a promotion.

Spending time with family is good for strong relationships.

Spending hours reading Facebook’s news feed is a good way to waste a lot of time!

Reading good books is good for growing and learning.

The list goes on…

THe question is then, when you look at what you are doing with your time, what is everything you are doing good for?

Where is it going to take you?

Actions may seem small, but over a period of time they add up to something a lot bigger!

Take 5 minutes and watch the video below. Jonathan Doyle talks about firstly deciding what you want, and then taking steps in that direction. 1

So why don’t you stop and think, “Where do I want my life to go?” Where is my life heading now in my career, family life or relationships?

What about the plan that God has for my life? Am I following what He has placed on my life?

With 2017 just around the corner, what do you want to change in the New Year?

Starting here and now, what steps are you going to consciously make in the right direction?

1. Jonathan Doyle – How Small Changes Change Everything And Why You Need To Work Harder
Jonathan Doyle’s Website

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