About Ben Newby

Ben Newby currently resides with his wife Anne in Bendigo, VIC while also working in IT and in his own business.

Ben was born and raised in Dubbo, NSW where he became very involved in both his church and community over a period of several years. After spending some time in Wagga Wagga and Bendigo, Ben ended up moving to Swan Hill to start pastoring early in 2013 and pastored there until late 2014, when he moved back to Bendigo.

Traveling extensively around the world as a child has given Ben a love for travel. This love, coupled with a passion for missions, has meant that he and his wife have continued to travel all over the world and enlarging their perspectives through many experiences and great relationships.

Ben is passionate about seeing people discover who Jesus Christ really is for themselves, and not carry an understanding of Him based on what others say or think.

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